Can’t I Just Blog on Facebook or Google+?

bloggingThe important consideration when choosing to blog from your website, or using social media platforms like Facebook or Google+ to blog, is CONTROL. When you blog from a social media platform, you have less control over your content.

Below are 5 reasons you should not blog using a social network platform:

The Rules Can Change Anytime:
You have to abide by the ever changing rules of the social media platform, and if you break their terms of service, you risk getting your account suspended or terminated.

The Social Media May Stop Providing Blog:
What happens to your content if the social media platform decided to do away with blogging as part of their services? It is either you move your content or lose it.

You Are Losing Valuable Traffic:
Also, all the traffic gains that should have gone to your website, you will lose to the social media network. This is a great marketing loss that could have been converted to sales or leads.

You May Be Promoting Your Competitors’ Business:
Think also how bad it will look if the social media network places adverts from your competitors on the blog you write on the social network. You are invariably promoting your competitors’ business.

You Lose Conversion Opportunities on Your Website:
Finally, think also that if people can get your best content off of a social network, they will have no need to go to your website where you can increase conversions with custom calls to actions or landing pages.

As you can see, blogging on a social network is a big NO if your blog is a business or professional blog. If you must have a blog on a social network, it should be a personal blog or one that directs traffic to your business blog.