My Website is Not Updated Frequently – Will It Affect My Rankings?


There are two perspectives to look at this:

  1. Search engine angle and
  2. User angle.

Search Engine Perspective:
All the major search engines love when sites add regular, new and fresh content. Indexed fresh content, with internal linking, can boost your site rankings. It is good for your search engine optimisation (SEO). Websites that are not regularly updated with fresh content will lose search engine rankings.

content writingUser Perspective:
When a user visits your website and finds fresh and interesting content, it shows your website is growing and therefore builds confidence, trust and respect. We know it can be a challenge to find the timeĀ  to write regular creative, interesting, and useful content for your website. However, this is a task that must be done if you want to build your authority and create engaging content for your audience.

The way to create regular, fresh content for your website is either to assign someone to do this within your organisation or to hire a consultant who will take this burden from you thereby leaving you free to focus on the your core business.