Should I Design My Website by Myself to Save Money?

design websiteDoing your own website design may end up costing you more at the long run.

Your website is how you appear to the public, therefore you want to make sure you get your website design right from the beginning.  Most prospective clients first interaction with you or your brand will start from your website. If they are put off by the appearance of your website, they will not hesitate to search for another business whose website looks professional and trustworthy. Without hesitation , they will switch to your competitors.

I know some few customers who initially thought they could do it by themselves.  After buying a WordPress template, they installed it on their own to save money, and later realise they don’t have all it takes to make a great looking website. At the end, they still pay more money to get the professional touch to their website.

There are many ways to save money, and designing your website by yourself is just not one of those ways. You will end up loosing more money and customers at the long run. Your website is your brand and your image. If your corporate image is not building trust with your customers, then you are being penny wise and pound foolish. It is better to spend your time running your business, than learning how to become a web developer.