Why is My Website Not Shown in Search?

Search Engine OptimiationI have a website, but it is not showing up in search. Why?

One of the purposes of having a website is to be found in search results. Having a website is just part of the whole process. You still need to optimize your site for searches. The right keywords and search terms and competition for the same keywords and search terms has everything to do with being found.

The best way to optimize your site for searches is by creating fresh, relevant content. Search engines love new content. Also, your content must contain in the heading and the body the relevant keywords which a user is likely to use to search.

Creating fresh content on your website should be fairly easy if your website has a CMS (Content Management System) in it. You can create and update content yourself or you can assign someone in your organization to do it. You can equally outsource it to a freelancer or a content marketer who understands your niche. Whatever you do, get it done, to increase your visibility in search engines.